Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eerie on Etsy

I love weird stuff. I especially love weird handmade stuff, which is why I want to focus for a moment on the grand creepiness that can be found via, the handmade mecca of the internet Etsy. A romp through the poisoned garden there can yield some truly freaky finds. Here's some of my recent wishlist items

Hand Engraved Spooky Glass

These four lovelies are a great combo of traditional spooky images with just enough of the grotesque to make them seasonally elegant. I, however, wouldn't wait for Halloween to light up these pretties.

Sleepy Hollow Inn Primitive Sign

This artisan has actually moved off Etsy, but the work speaks for itself. There is no kind of spooky like the classical spooky. These works are a good mix of folk art and heritage that call to mind America's earliest haunts.

Vintage Sheet Music

I don't know about you, but vintage art and photography freaks me out rather nicely.

Boston Cemetery at Dusk
This one doesn't quite qualify for "wishlist" status, since I was able to purchase it. But the artist has a great eye for the sepia-ed macabre. What better subject than historic Boston.


I'm not sure what I like better, the display photo of the necklace. Sillycuts has fantastic jewelry, though some of it may not be for everyday wear (unless you're part of the goth community). The amount of detail and work is evident and I love the feelings the piece invokes. Both elegant and twisted


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